Jfc why is this family basically dead. I still don’t have a Himchan it can’t die yet do I have to come back or some shit?? Gdi

Please welcome our new DJ, L.Joe!
These idols are free to be roleplayed
  • 4minute’s Hyuna
  • Yunho from DBSK
These idols are free to be roleplayed
  • AOA’s Minaring
  • 2NE1’s CL
  • JYJ’s Jaejoong
  • LE from EXID
give me your opinion!!¡!!

ok so i got this idea that what if we have events so we can get to know eachother more, like movie nights in tinychat or smth like that. let me know if it’s okay and idk that means timezones guys, reply this post if you’re okay with that or not ((reply with your timezone too!!))

Anonymous whispered:
you still don't have a himchan i'm disappointed in this directory tbh

shut up im going to get u a himchan omg

i didnt know u were australian omg i use the word mate alot tbh ?? ?

oh my god hyuna